Facility сервис

Rhombus Facility Service – who are we?

Rhombus Design is a building company. This means that we know how should look like and run entire system of the real estate, and starting from the basement.

Rhombus Service / Management are the post-constructional support and maintenance. Your personal assistant in the management and maintenance of your object.

What kind of advantages does this partnership lead to you?

Conditions of reliability and efficiency of your premises.
Safety during the operation of your premises.
Unified emergency service and technical support.
Decreasing expenses on renovations.

Who might need to use our services?

Offices and retail


Cottages and cottage villages


Residential complex


Sport complexes


HoReCa (hotels, restaurants and cafe)


Clinics and medical institutions


Production and warehouses


Standard package of Facility Managements services includes:

Technical control and diagnostics.

Constant monitoring of the technical condition of the real estate for the purpose of early detection and diagnostics of malfunctions.

Preventive repairing works.

 Preventive repairing works allow saving time and money.

Electrical works.

 Installation of equipment according to pre-agreed plan, audit, radiation control of household appliances.

Energy Service.

 Energy supply is the company's bloodstream. Continuity and efficiency of electric networks are the key tasks of this service.

Auxiliary works.

These are the works that allow performing any production operation faster, more accurate and efficient.

Emergency service.

We are in touch with our client in non-stop mode 24/7. In case of emergency, our dispatcher contacts the necessary emergency team to solve the emergency situation arisen.

Optionally, in addition to standard package of subscribing services, we offer an
extended list of services:

  • Technical audit: a complete analysis of the condition of the real estate.
  • Construction and renovation: all works related to the necessary upgrade, expansion and renovation that needed.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning: if needed, our specialists will do all the work to ensure the proper level of functioning of these systems.
  • Fire Safety systems.
  • Infrastructural services: all related to the providing of infrastructure systems works.
  • Land improvement: the company is not limited to its building only. Attention to the surrounding area is our concern.
  • Cleaning: we will provide not only the daily high-quality cleaning routines of your territories but also the global cleaning of the property.
  • CCTV and IT administration: providing surveillance over the entire territory of the enterprise.
  • Any other additional services concerning the management and maintenance of the facility.
  • Management of real estate: we close many issues with utilities and service providers.

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